once begunOh, beginnings. Sometimes they come so easily for me, other times, just starting is the most difficult bit. Or really, restarting, when I put a project down (usually for a very good reason). And instead of the multitasking that I imagine I’m going to do, I go and get focused on something else. That leaves me with the need to start again… with the attendant difficulties.

Well, this is yet another thing that I can now earmark to change, now that I realize I’d like to do it differently.

What are you earmarking for change this Advent?


  1. Oh, Sare. Multitasking is a myth. And I ask myself about those who boast of their prowess in this perceived ideal, why be proud of doing two or three or more things simultaneously, but doing them badly?

    Isn’t mindfulness being in the now? Extracting and experiencing and processing fully who we are and what we are doing? (Obviously I am not speaking of chores — they have their own purpose and adventures.) But PROJECTS. And if BEGINNING is half the battle, don’t forget that the rest of the battle is equally important: the work and the COMPLETION, perhaps to be followed much later by fruition.

    Sometimes completion is simple acknowledgement that a project will never BE done; it has lost its urgency, its relevance, its validity in your life. You must quietly and truthfully address this ending and regather the pieces of you stuck to it that have been bleeding energy and guilt. Regaining them will bring you closer to wholeness.

    So forget the myth of multitasking; “be good to yourself, for only as you have the right mind toward yourself may you have the right mind toward others.”

    Blessed be.


    • I’m so there with you on the completion. And there are one or two things that I need to get real with – acknowledge that the projects won’t be done and do it with grace. Having already made the decision for a few I can feel already positive energy being freed up and shifting around.

      Thank you for all your lovely comments,

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