Give Hope

HOPEHey you – there are children hurting and you can help. If you’re in the DC area tomorrow, there’s a free event you can attend to support Safe Shores*, a truly awesome all-in-one, kid-friendly service that provides a calm and soothing clearing house for everything a post-trauma child needs, all in one place. If you’re not in the DC area, there’s a site where you can make your non-profit donation. If you neither live in the area, nor can support them financially at this time (even $10 can make a difference), please do consider talking with the people you’re connected with on Facebook and Twitter about this – #doMore24 and #iGive2SafeShores will keep the conversation going. Your time counts. Your dollars count. Your RT count. Our children need you.

Thank you.


healing1[*why is Sare pushing this good non-profit and not other good non-profits? Two reasons. A)She was actually asked to, and agreed to do so. B)Her sister Rose works there and she has close knowledge of their best practices – they really are as good as they say.]

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