Sneak Peak: GUILD DUES

Guild Dues, by Sare Liz Gordy
Guild Dues, by Sare Liz Gordy

On Monday I’ll be releasing a collection of short stories called GUILD DUES. It will include seven shorts of a somewhat supernatural nature – but it being me, dystopia will be far, far away. (If you’re looking for dystopia, you should really go read Rachel Lynn Brody’s play MOUSEWINGS. It’s lovely. And hopeless. But lovely in it’s hopelessness.)

The collection will include three stories from larger works that are completed only in my head. “The Boy at the Parade” and “Walking Sport” are both from my universe of Werewolves in Williamsville. “The Ineffable Cosmic Turtle” is from the larger universe of the same name in which super heroes and villains live only a hair’s breath and one good political spin apart from one another.

The story “Chakra vs. Baby Pterodactyl” is a very nearly true story which once almost happened in the kitchen of Ol’ Wondermoth. And true story – it was once spontaneously reenacted at a conference, during a public reading. I kid you not.

The story “Junior Zombie Processor” came from a very strange dream I once had, much in the way that “The Bell Ringer” is really all about my experience with migraines, give or take a few gnomes.

Finally, “The Life and Times of Charity Jones” started out in this world as fanfic for the Twilight fandom. (I know, I know – Twilight is a little like Montparnasse – sort of awful, and yet one can’t seem to look away, but honestly, I had a fun two years of my life rewriting the saga. You can go see, if you have the patience to wade through all 300,000+ words I’ve written so far over on

So stay tuned!

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