New story excitement

Guild Dues, by Sare Liz Gordy
Guild Dues, by Sare Liz Gordy

Okay, it’s not a straight up new story, but an admirer from a former fandom discovered my new collection of short stories, Guild Dues (see previous blogs here, or just go buy it here), and was particularly interested in two of the shorts which were from one particular universe.

You can check out her 5-star review on Amazon here.

The stories in question were ‘Walking Sport’ and ‘Boy at the Parade’, which were both set in my much larger universe which I call Werewolves in Williamsville.

As we began discussing possible character development on Twitter (feel free to join the crazy – @sareliz), it felt almost like being in the loving arms of a fandom, the sort of supportive group of writers and readers who are all in love (at least in theory) with a set of characters and circumstances and who get great satisfaction from picking them apart and reassembling. It was absolutely delightful. :)

And in that vein, I will be finishing that rather large master work in the fandom that I haven’t touched in the last two years. Next chapter has just been duly submitted to my beta for snark and editing. Stay tuned.


    • I know – stunning, isn’t it? I think it was just the right time. Everything has converged to make it easy for me to do so, and so I am. And as for the good reviews? You know I’m all about that. Bring on the good reviews, really. :)

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