Crazy Wonderful

And this is what I feel like.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I, with my favorite co-writer of fiction, Rachel Lynn Brody, am embarking on some massive crazy wonderfulness.*

We’re starting by both participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). And that’s pretty epic and worthy of plenty of preparation before hand and champagne afterwards.** But that’s only the beginning.

You see, Rachel came to me with this crazy idea. And between us it blossomed into this crazy wonderful idea. Which soon became a massive crazy wonderful idea. A series. Fourteen novels. Five years. We develop the overall plot and the smaller level plot together, and each of takes point on half of the books to be written – while the other edits. So Rachel is writing Book One next month, and I’m writing Book Two in November as well. Then I’ll be editing One and she’ll be editing Two.

All the way to Fourteen.

The plots are fabulous, the characters are fascinating and the twists are twisty indeed.

More information to come. (Please feel free to send happy thoughts, good vibes, chocolate and coffee during the Writing Month of November.)

*And this is the first blog in that series, which I’m currently calling the X Project, because we haven’t come up with a name yet. :)

**Liz, who runs the office at which I’m Writer-In-Residence, groaned when I said I was doing NaNo. Apparently she’d had a friend who had done it and the attendant experience for all the friends of the friend wasn’t exactly positive. I suppose there must have been drama, but that’s only my supposition. But to all of this I responded, “When have you ever known me, in the midst of being intensely creative, to be anything less than amazing and inspiring to be around? Or at least highly humorous?” She conceded my point with much laughter.


  1. Well, ok.. both of you in a creative haze at the same time. Hmmm… *makes list…20lbs of coffee, 50 lbs of chocolate… wait, salted caramel… * I can see that I’ll be busy next month!!! Good Luck Guys!! Much love and can’t wait!

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