This is the shield of the Episcopal Diocese of WNY. Isn't it nifty?
This is the shield of the Episcopal Diocese of WNY. Isn’t it nifty?

We just had our annual Convention (#176), we crazy Episcopalians in Western New York, and what that means is that we gather to do all our legislation for the year, give Diocesan Council it’s marching orders (they keep us running from Convention to Convention), and of course it’s generally a love-fest. This year we invited the most awesome Bishop of Texas, the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle to come and be with us, mostly because we read his book Unabashedly Episcopalian, but partially because he’s just an incredibly cool and inspirational guy. Actually, he brought us temporary tattoos, as well as inspiration.

And as a side note, I’ll be interviewing him in the near future on the subject of that book and his life and work that led up to and from the writing of it. Fun times. Also, I have blackmail pictures of him in a Maid of the Mist poncho, because yours truly was his tour guide around Niagara Falls while he was here. Moving on.

So one of the nifty-cool things we did at the Convention that we hadn’t done before, is that part of our table discussion was meant to be tweeted out. Now, not everyone at Convention is aware that a non-avian can tweet, but we had that covered. We all wrote down what we loved best about our church, in just about ten words, and then all those slips of paper were distributed to the people who actually have twitter accounts in the room. And so we tweeted what we loved about our church under #Episcojoy. It was great fun. Even the crocheted duck at the head table who was sitting on the Dispatch of Business’ copy of Roberts Rules of Order was tweeting. (Under the moniker @ScaifeTheDuck – do follow him, as there is more to come for Scaife.) And in the end, we produced this cloud:

#episcojoy #wny176
#episcojoy #wny176


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