That Moment You Realize You Have COVID-19

Yes. It’s that moment. The moments leading up to it were characterized by gallows humor, crying jags, arguments with husband who was also stressed out for exactly the same reason, yelling at cats who decided at exactly the right/wrong moment to put their claws into my arm, and brutal honesty about fears and anxieties.

And the moment realizing that I had it… was characterized by the relief of acceptance. Also the relief of realizing I probably had a form/case of mild symptoms rather than severe ones.

What symptoms do we have? Shortness of breath, fatigue, and muscle weakness, along with cold-and-flu like symptoms that keep threatening, but those are the easiest to deal with for us. We drink Hippie Tea like it’s going out of style at the first hint of those sorts of symptoms and then feel fine again the next day. Of course with COVID-19, unlike the common cold, those symptoms keep trying to come back, and so we keep having to drink the tea, but it continues to work and quite frankly, I’d rather drink it three times a day than cough so much I end up giving myself bronchitis again. (Which I haven’t done, since I started drinking Hippie Tea nearly fifteen years ago. So here, have an old blogpost on the recipe.)

And here’s a video in which I speak more about it.




  1. Damn. and so saddened to learn this. I believe that you are taking care of yourself and that he is taking care of himself and you both are caring for each other so I won’t freak out or show up with soup but damn.

  2. So sorry to hear about this! But if you have to have it, I guess you have it the “best” way possible. Sucks that you’re dealing with a migraine along with it, though. Did you finish the dental treatments you were getting to help with those? You may have said and I just don’t remember; I do that a lot! Anyway, glad you’re both able to stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other.

  3. I was here and wondered why I haven’t bought Guild Dues and then I remembered–my Kindle is toast and while I tried an app to read on computer, it doesn’t seem to work. So if you need a distraction from the virus nightmares, can you help me figure out what to do about Guild Dues? If you don’t want to deal with this now, I am so OK with that choice.

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