Being Happy in Difficult Times

Welp, we’re in difficult times, alright. And you know, it really is okay to just sit down and cry. It’s okay to grieve, to rail against the world, to argue with God. We’ve all got feelings and it’s no good to pretend we don’t, to sweep them under the carpet, or to pretend everything is hunky dory when inside we feel like we’re dying.

…and, also, there is another way. There is another way that doesn’t involve putting a happy mask over our inner pain. It involves (wait for it) actually dealing with the inner pain so we can move on and be happy again, or for the first time, really. Because spiritual masters from all walks of life and all religions assure us that it is actually possible to be truly, deeply content, joyful, grateful, and grinning all the damn time.

Want some of that?

Me, too.

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