Take The Change Home

Have you ever had to look through someone else’s vacation photos? Never quite as impressive as your own, are they? Why? Well… Picture yourself there. On the beach. Or in the mountains. Or out on the lake. Remember what you could smell. Remember how the temperature was, what clothes you could wear, how they felt on your skin. Remember the people you were with (or the blessed solitude you enjoyed). Remember how good it felt to get away, to let go, to feel alive again. Remember how easy it was to smile, or laugh, or relax your shoulders.

You can remember the whole experience, and it was a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual thing, even those bits of it that you weren’t aware of still worked on you at the unconscious level. And a photo? Even a video? Really not the same.

But then again, the deep spiritual point of getting away is to be changed by the experience – to relax, usually, to unwind, and ideally to take some of the relaxation home with you and hope it survives the TSA lines at the airport. But the spiritual point is to be changed and definitely (not maybe) bring it home again.

And you know, this happened in the bible, too. Watch the video to find out more. :)

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