A Character Named After… YOU?

Yes, that’s right! Every time I have a fiction manuscript that is almost done, that means it’s time to get all the names of my $5 Helping Hands Tiers of patrons*, put all those names in a hat, and pick one. (*Except for those patrons who I’ve already named a character after, of course.)

Last time it was my patron, the fabulous Seona Bellamy of Australia who made it into my novel Loki of Midgard as a secret agent!

This time it will be a character in The Crown Prince (Loki #2) who ends up being a former secret agent, but the new head of security at the Embassy! Will it be you?

I’ll be putting all my $5 Helping Hands Patron‘s names in a hat at 8pm EDT on Monday, April 26th – because that’s the last day of my Sabbatical, and this is one of the ways I’m celebrating it. I’ll draw the name out and check with that person to make sure they want the honor, and if they do, I’ll announce the winner here, on my Patreon patron-only blog, and on my Instagram (@revsare).

If you were considering becoming a patron of mine, now is a great time to begin! Follow the link and check it out!

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