Life Update: Feb 2022, part two

New things! Fun things! Old things but better!

So, I got an accountability partner and with it came the realization that I really needed to commit to what I wanted to get accomplished this year so that I couldn’t just bullshit my way out of it (which I am perfectly capable of doing, oh yes). And there’s nothing for that but to write it all down. Two hours later I had a list of overall goals and the dates they should be in the bag, a schedule of my week with all my recurring activities and habitual things that needed to happen, plus time for the non-habitual weekly things. And then, behold: the week-by-week breakdown of work required for twenty-six weeks. Yeeeees, not a full year. Really, half a year. But six months was as far out as I could see with any clarity, and it’s bloody ambitious, so I’m proud of the goal sheet, part the first. I’ll work on goal sheet, part the second in about five months or so.

So. By week 3 (we’re in week 2 as of the writing of this post, btw), I’ll have my regular posting sorted out. In case you’re curious about that, I’ll be posting something, somewhere, every day but Monday, which is one of my days off. On this blog, you’ll see posts on Tuesday and Thursday. On my patreon account there will be posts on Wednesday and Friday. I’ll post my sermons on youtube (and cross-posted here) on Saturday. I’ll post a chapter update to a story on AO3 on Sundays.

Oh, but wait. There will be something on Monday. :)

Because I’m starting a weekly newsletter.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’m finally about ready. In fact, I’ll be launching it by week 5. More about it soon. :)

And I’ll be launching a new book by week 9. It’s not the Crown Prince (Loki #2 – we’ve got a while for that one, yet). But it is my theology of sex manuscript that I’ve had, finished, for years. (Don’t worry – I’m not calling it that.) And you know… I’m going to give it away for free, on this website. Because I can. I hope you’ll enjoy it. More about that, soon, too. :)

By week 14 I’ll have launched my first live workshop, and by week 21 I’ll have wrapped it up. And by week 26

I’ll have launched my second one.

I’ll grant you, all this is possible because I’m no longer totally debilitated by migraines, and for that I’m grateful. And when migraines do occasionally make an appearance, they will undoubtedly mess up my schedule, but perhaps not critically. Not anymore.

As I shared the document I’d made last week with my husband over dinner, we discussed its feasibility, its ambition, and the fact that it largely took advantage (finally) of things I’ve actually gained mastery over in that technical sense (thank you, Malcolm Gladwell) of having 10,000 hours of practice in it. So, it is full of the things that I love to do, that come easily to me, and that are expressions of who I want to be at my best.

And if something doesn’t quite work the way I think it will… I’ll sort through it. Life doesn’t work according to plan, but now at least I have a target to aim at. :)

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