FREE eBook: Healthy Sex

Yup, it’s time! I’m giving away my theology of sex book, free on my website, as a thank you gift to everyone who signs up for my weekly inspirational newsletter, Truth from Fiction. 

The newsletter (also free) contains a quote and meme from an author of fiction, a brief reflection on it, and a suggested moment of action to take with it. The whole shebang arrives in your inbox Monday morning just in time to counteract the news and to give you something inspirational to chew on for the rest of your week.

The eBook is entitled Healthy Sex: What it is, how to have it, and what help religion can be, written by yours truly, Sare Liz. It’s a blend of liberal Christian thought, a tried-and-true therapeutic model, and a propensity not to take life too seriously. (What if sex was no more sinful than a bag of potato chips?) It’s a book geared toward the spiritual but not religious crowd, though liberal Christians will also find it accessible… but probably not conservative Christians. Unless you’re a conservative Christian who is looking for something new, because what you’ve been fed all this long while is crushing your soul. In which case, Hi. My name’s Sare, I’m also a former conservative Christian, and Jesus really will still love you if you start asking reasonable and rational questions. I promise you He doesn’t take it personally.

It’s definitely the sort of book that could be written by a priest who writes erotic novels and inspirational blogposts. :)

If you want to download your free copy and you’re reading this actually on my blog, (and you don’t have an adblocker on) just go ahead and follow the instructions on the slide-up opt-in widget. And if you’re reading this via your email, or an RSS feed, or if you just like clicking links, click here to sign up.

Get it while it’s… um… hot!

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