I Need YOUR Help!

Yup. I need your help. Can you take two minutes to take this poll? It’s on my Patreon page, but it’s open to everyone and it’ll stay that way. You’ll be able to click through and see the whole post and participate in the poll, whether or not you’re currently one of my patrons.

Here’s the deal. Yall know I’m a priest, and a writer of erotic romances. Mostly what you see on this blog is spiritual inspiration. And if you’re a patron over on Patreon, mostly what you see over there is my fiction writing (and before anyone else sees it!). There’s a little overlap, but not heaps, and I’m thinking that maybe I need to change that.

I’m considering adding some more tiers to my Patreon to offer the kinds of things I’d offer if I were a priest in your town, the sort of thing you could just join a church and get all these benefits. Mostly because I get feedback that people wish I was their local priest and they can’t find anything near them that works as well.

But I still don’t know if it’s a good idea or not. So no matter who you are, I’d love your help! If you regularly read this blog, I definitely want to hear from you. If you’ve just stumbled upon it, but you kinda dig it, click through and tell me what you think! If you know me personally, I want to hear your opinion! If we’ve never met, I want to hear your opinion! If I filled in at your church that one time and you’ve followed my blog since, I want to hear your opinion!

The post before the poll question has some text that largely tells you exactly the tiers I’m thinking of adding. It’s a super quick read and then the poll itself takes 30 seconds to take. Help me out?

And if you’re wondering… what does she mean ‘tiers’? And what is Patreon? Check out my page on the subject. That should explain things.

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