Houston, we are a go for launch!

All systems are green and we are a go to launch The Scheherazade on her maiden voyage… as a space pirate.

Can the ship herself be a pirate? She can if she’s a machine intelligence. Welcome to the future far reaches of the Universe. In a brand new web-serial, Sare Liz is going to explore space, save innocents, discover how to sleep in a hammock while hiding in an asteroid field, and figure out why you should never ever look at the wormhole you’re in. (Just ask Loki.)

And this is your chance to join the official launch crew and grab a free gift that is exclusive to this launch as a thank youDon’t miss your window of opportunity! Join the Official Launch Crew!

EDIT: Thanks for all the love! This launch is closed and the links are no longer active to join the launch crew. But you can go read the story itself.

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