Endings Are Hard (Get Help)

The newsletter reflection next week is all about the difficulty of ending things, sometimes, and it makes me think of the professionals we hire to help us with endings. Oh, there are transitions specialists (I just read a book from one of those, William Bridges’ Managing Transitions), and hospice chaplains, but I’m not just talking about companies merging or people dying – I’m thinking about all the other changes we try to navigate in our lives which is helped by a variety of different specialists.

Movers make moving house less nightmarish, especially if you pay them to pack you up, and leave that to them.

Therapists help you to change your mind and change your perspective, they help you to increase your coping skills and manage your emotions and expectations so your quality of life improves, and if you find the right therapist who gels with you, the quality of your life can really take gigantic steps in the right direction.

Doctors help you to change from a place of disease to a place of wellness, and whether you’re a huge fan of Western Medicine or you tend to give it a side-eye, the point of a medical doctor is to facilitate a change in your life with the full expectation that you’ll feel better afterwards, and be less sick, if not entirely well.

Flight Attendants are there to facilitate your change from one location to another, and they do it in stages: they orchestrate the removal of most of your personal space, they help to keep you calm and orderly while having very little personal space and sometimes enduring great discomfort, and they facilitate an orderly regaining of your personal space at the end of your trip when you arrive in a new place – and in case of emergency, they may be the one to save your life.

A Fitness Coach will help you choose a set of exercises to help you reach your goals, and help to motivate you to do them regularly; they can act as a shepherd to your changing body as you become stronger.

A Personal Coach or Spiritual Director will help you meet your life goals, and the change they shepherd in is a moving beyond the barriers you hadn’t even realized you’d put in your own way.

Going further afield, Energy Healers can sometimes give aid where Western Medicine has failed, and the change they shepherd in is greater and greater levels of health in your life.

And going completely off the deep end (or so our culture tells me) is the Exorcist or Shaman who may also do energy healing, but they don’t shy away from breaking curses and removing metaphysical creepy crawlies from your life. (Watch Sare wave at you from off the deep end.)

Because sometimes it really is easier to get into something, than to get out of it. And sometimes, you just need some help with the change, whatever it is.

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