Seven Ways to Beat Your Own Worst Enemy

So there is Self Love, Self Trust, Self Fulfillment, Self Respect, Self Esteem, Self Compassion, Self Worth – seven ways to get super real about being healthy in the way we treat ourselves. But is seven… just splitting hairs? Should it all fall under the heading of just one in the category? 

Fair question. Let’s look at it from a different angle. Take the word ‘Self’ out, and then compare. Love, Trust, Fulfillment, Respect, Esteem, Compassion, Worth. There’s some overlap on some of these, and maybe all of these, but would you say that Trust equals Fulfillment? Or Esteem equals Compassion? Does Respect actually mean Worth?

No. They’re not just synonyms, and since there are a variety of different ways we can manage to be our own worst enemy, let’s give ourselves at least seven different angles to tackle to join Our Own Best Advocate team.

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