Self-Love Tuesday

A sense of hopefulness about yourself is a crucial part of having a deep, solid sense of self-love, and this sense of hopefulness is part of self-esteem. It’s a little like a can-do attitude. It’s not a hopefulness that isn’t grounded in reality, but rather a deep sense of possibility, and knowing and even an assurance that it might not work out the way you planned because it might work out even better. It’s a knowing that you can keep walking forward, that you can keep taking good, healthy opportunities presented to you, and you can keep making solid progress on whatever it is you’re doing.

How do you cultivate this sense of hopefulness about yourself? First, state the desire in positive terms. I want to have a sense of hopefulness about myself. I embrace my new sense of hopefulness about myself. I’m so glad that I’m becoming more and more hopeful about myself. 

Second, be very aware and begin to notice if there is negative self-talk that happens in response, like your most cynical self arguing. Don’t worry – we all have a cynical self that helps us to analyze things, but sometimes the cynic has been given the wheel instead of voice and vote in the back seat. If your inner cynic has the wheel, start taking over. Relegate the cynic to the back seat

And look, you’ve already made a start.

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