Beginnings Are Messy, part 1

I have a journal that holds all my notes for my work and continuing education as an exorcist and energy healer. And then I have the PDFs that I create that I send or print off to give to clients.

One of these things is messy and crazy and disorganized and out of order and filled with cross outs and addendums and unexpected parts two, three, four, and five, with continuations on three other pages far away from where it began, with certain proclamations in the beginning that get contradicted half way through to the end.

One of these things is tidy, neat, easy to read, easy to follow, and highly edited. 
Because while people might want to know more about their spirit animals, and the difference between a common spirit animal and an ascended one, most people couldn’t care two figs that the Leviathan was really a (terrifying, horrifying) megalodon (oh, thank God it’s extinct), and the enlightened master Hafiz helped it to ascend because a) it was ready and willing and b) he thought it was absolutely fantastically adorable, because Hafiz is like that.

But you know, messy beginnings aren’t what you usually get to see on those fabulous and highly edited youtube videos you enjoy watching, nor on this blog. Usually.

But take a look at that meme. In fact, have a closer look right here.

Yup. That’s a page from my journal. There’s shorthand, arcane abbreviations that only myself and my spouse can sort, some things are written out nice and large, others are cramped in. Later realizations are added in the margins, deeper versions of a thing are added on if there’s room and even if there isn’t. 

And the stuff on that page, it’s all true, so far as I understand. But I also reserve the right to add more marginalia. There’s plenty of room. :) And if things are less tidy than I prefer… meh.
Beginnings are messy.

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