Cool Software. Angering World News.

Okay. So. I’m testing out Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, and I just have to say, it’s about the spiffiest thing since sliced bread and the Internet. There are all these tabby thingies, and the tool bar is much cooler, and it’s just pretty. I installed it onto Viktor, which I don’t think was a huge mistake, but one never knows about these things.

In other news, a friend just came back from three weeks in Israel/Palestine, and some of the things he spoke about were just heartbreaking. I found my ire rising even as my high and mighty morals were offended (…which is very interesting, because what Israel is doing to Palestine now is rather what my forebearers did to the Indigenous Peoples in America many hundreds of years ago, and which myself and my government continue to perpetuate today. It doesn’t make either situation right, but it does take away the black and white divide of inherently good people and inherently bad people. “Good” people do hurtful things. “Bad” people do healthy things. Good and Bad in this way are just arbitrary measures, doled out by the person who has the most power, and indeed, has the power to define what is real for a group of people… Ask me about Grand Island, NY some time…) and we were all challenged to a different paradigm; Instead of wanting and attempting to come in with strength and resources and FIX everything to my or our satisfaction, rather finding out what it would look like to participate in native structures of change, and how to stand in solidarity with the oppressed on their terms, instead of mine, or ours. It’s a challenge.

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