Huh. Languages.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d check out the Bulgarian alphabet and language. I mean, I’m an intelligent woman. I’ve studied ancient hebrew and greek, from which most of the letters from the Cyrillic alphabet come. …I gotta tell you, compared to Bulgarian, Hebrew was a breeze and even Greek wasn’t that bad.

Now, it may be that I learned Hebrew and Greek in live intensive courses from people who had a serious passion for the languages and what they could open up, and I just attempted a half hour of online, fuzzy (but wonderfully free trial of) Bulgarian.

::Sigh:: Not something I’m going to learn this semester, I can tell you that for certain. Oh well. It’s a beautiful language, spoken. In my estimation, Bulgarian ranks right up there with Maori for sheer beauty of the spoken word. Maori still beats it out, though, especially chanted. (Okay, I haven’t heard Bulgarian chanted. It wasn’t a fair fight.)

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