So. One of my dear friends here at Seminary has children my age. (Well, actually, she’s not the only one of my close friends with whose children I share an age bracket, but she is the only one who has a child exactly my age. Mostly, we try not to think about the age thing too much.) And the oldest child – the twenty-seven year old – is visiting this Wednesday. ::snicker:: Holly is setting me up with her son. Apparently, her son and I would have a lot to talk about – fiction, writing, harry potter, etc – but she and I mutually agree that the very idea of it is a hoot. I have to admit, that it gave me something to grin and laugh about this afternoon.

Well, I can think of worse people for a mother-in-law, I really can. I adore Holly.

::shakes head, grinning::

Wonder if he looks like Viktor…

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