Good News: Not a monk

Well. He wasn’t the deacon in the blue hat, nor the deacon in the red hat. He was a completely different deacon. And I learned more about the iconography of the church than I would have ever imagined. And about the liturgy. And the Bolshevik Revolution.

…But I did, in that hour, manage to learn a bit about that lovely deacon in the blue hat. ::smiles:: What can I say? I’m wiley.

I found out that the Metropolitan doesn’t live in the city, he lives at a monastery in Pennsylvania (which I googled and found: beautiful website, btw), and he brought his Archdeacon with him. ::smiles:: That would be the deacon in the blue hat. His name is Alexei. I found pictures. And I also found that though the Metropolitan lives at the monestary, his Archdeacon does not – or, at least isn’t one of the monks there. But the monastery is attached to a Seminary… And I’m fairly certian that the Venerable Alexei is the bursar there.

God Bless the Internet.

So anyway – links to pictures. They’re in a slide show, but just click on the medium-size pic to get a larger version.

Dramatic pic of the Ven. Alexei, in which you cannot see his face
Better pic of the Ven. Alexei, in which you CAN see his face
He’s the one on the left (in the blue hat)
Again, the one on the left (again, blue hat)

Btw, found out that in Blue Hat v. Red Hat – Blue is the one with the higher ranking. Which makes sense, as he is the Archdeacon.

Alright. That marks the end of my stalking. ::sigh:: He lives in PA. ::sigh::

::picks self up, moves on::

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