An update

Wow. I just had an amazing day. It was just amazing. And I know yall have seen me at some low times, so I just wanted to share one of the high times.

So today, over and over again, my place and purpose in the Universe was reaffirmed. My creativity was reaffirmed. My sense of questioning and tension was reaffirmed. The love of God for me was reaffirmed. My sense of my ability to be priest to people was reaffirmed.

It happened in class. It happened outside of class. It happened in field ed. It happened with peers. It happened with supervisors. It happened with lay people. It happened with clergy. It happened in prayer, with God.

And now, I’m just so happy I’m about to bust. There you have it.

Love to my flist. You guys rock. Love especially to ripperlyn – you came up yet again in conversation, because of course, you taught me to write.

I’m working on a minor reorganizing of my lj to make it more user friendly for people not used to lj. I’m working on VK/HG. I’m working on other Hoggy-Warty offerings of other and interesting varieties. I’m working on a beta (or three) for ladykes. I’m working on making presentable other updatable type things. Lots of things in the works. Lots to be birthed.


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