For this we studied Barth


I would like to make an announcement.

I, Sarah Elisabeth Gordy, formerly known as the Perpetual Student of the Family, have finished my last paper. It has been ten years of higher learning. It’s been fun, but I need a break now. I may return in several years to add another masters degree to the pile as well as a doctorate, but until such a time becomes manifest, I am on a permanent sabbatical.

For my sabbatical, I am intending to join the ranks of the salaried, in Buffalo. Not the ideal retirement spot, perhaps, but I’m 27 and I enjoy the six month cold spells.

I’m looking forward to having a life, perhaps a dog, friends outside of academic pursuits (well, academic and ficcly – not that I don’t love all of you, but I need a multi-faceted life, ykno?), a means of regular income, a place to minister and serve, liturgy that excites, inspires, and moves me, a reading list that is slightly broader, and a therapist I can afford to see on a regular basis.

On May 18th at 11am (or is it ten? I should check…) I will be attending Commencement services at the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia, where I will receive from the Bishop of Virginia and the Dean of the Seminary a Masters of Divinity. Sing praises!

Now? Now I go move a secretary desk for my sister. Ah, everything in its season.

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