The Queen City

So. I just sent something to the betas. It’s the latest in the Firebolt Ring series, so that’s nice. It was… um… a hard birthing, and so I’m just ever-so-slightly worried that it might, in fact, suck. Also, it is part one of two, and I’m not sure there’s a part two. I need to talk to Hermione about that. It’s a high priority of the to-do list.

In other news, I signed a lease for a beautiful apartment in the city. My friends all think it’s a riot because the place fits me to an absolute “T”, and yet… it’s on Normal Ave. On the edge of Allentown, for those in the know, just behind Klienhans, a gorgey one-bedroom in an old Victorian mansion, with stained glass in the bathroom window. (And a random factoid about Sarey’s new apt? The architect who designed it? Cyrus Porter. Same guy who designed the church she’ll be working at…) I love it. And it comes with utilities, cable and high-speed internet. And it’s exactly a mile from work, as the Google flies. Seriously, there’s love. I get the keys on the 28th, and I move in on the 1st, right after my first day (er, half-day) of work.

We’re meeting at Spot at 9:30, which I think is sort of funny. And he won’t tell me what my dresscode is. Says I need to figure that out for myself. So, I suppose that 9:30am on Saturday, July 1st will find me in a clergy shirt and dress pants at Spot Coffee, ordering a grande non-fat vanilla latte. And that will be the beginning of my first day of work.

Life could be worse. Life could be significantly worse.

I’m reminded, and really have been for some time, of a conversation that ripperlyn and I had a long time ago. We were young and full of it, but ….

big fucking spider on my laptop!!!!

::ahem:: Sorry.

Anyway. Rach and I were talking about how we wanted to move into the city when we could, when we graduated from college and got jobs and what-not, and how we wanted to buy the beautiful, old, run-down buildings and renovate them, live in them, and in our own little way bring life back into the city.

It’s funny how dreams can come true, and begin to come true in ways that you’d never anticipate, and yet, in ways that end up being better than you’d planned, and so much more interesting. Or, maybe it’s just my dreams that do that. I hope it’s other people’s dreams, too.

Ani moved back into the neighborhood, Rach. I don’t know if you knew that. She bought that old, condemned church on Delaware Ave and fixed it up. It’s her recording studio now. I found out, because it’s the building next door to Trinity.

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