86 days


This is day 86 without my car. I was in an accident you see, and the insurance company thought that my car was fixable, so did not total it. 86 days later I can tell you that if it could have gone wrong, it has gone wrong. I have been exceedingly patient and calm. The owner of the collision shop, while ready to kill someone, says he’s learned patience. Allstate, I am convinced, does not care one way or the other.

86 days without my own car. 24 days in a rental originally, plus 7 days around my ordination, plus 7 days around Christmas equals 48 days without any transportation whatsoever.

And there’s no discernable end in sight.

Work is only one mile away, which is good. Tai chi is sadly twenty miles away, which is bad.


I’m really tired of this. I really am. There are so many little things wrong with my car – I’m not sure I want it back. I mean, I love my car, but come on – it’s not boding well, and I’m seriously thinking that it ought to be totalled. The sad news is that I can’t actually afford to replace it – buying another hybrid is a little out of my reach at the moment. I’ve been searching to see just what sort of car I can fetch for the insurance money of 14K…

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