Oh, the joys of CSS – why did no one tell me???

Oh, wowzers. I mean, seriously. Wow. Wow.

So. I’d somehow forgotten how much I like coding. (Irony: I was just telling a teenage parishioner today that sometimes taking a break from something, some interest, sometimes gives you enough breathing space to realize what you really like about it, and if you return to it, you enjoy it even more. Who knew I was actually RIGHT?) But, but… ::manic grin:: So, I’m doing a beta version of a new website for the utterly pathetic one at my church. My design may not win the day, but if it does it would mean we wouldn’t have to get a grant for the very spiffy firm that wants to charge many thousands of dollars to do us a redesign.

Bit the bullet and decided to just suck it up and learn CSS. Each time classes are mentioned I have a flashback to those last days of computer science when I more or less wanted to slit my wrists, rather than spend a life coding, but it’s getting better. I mean, it’s versitile, it’s nifty, compared to a higher programming language it’s easy-peasy and I really don’t even have to think that hard. (That was the main fear, I think.) And what’s more, once you have the basic fodder (rather, I liken, to having all your worldly goods in boxes labeled “sci-fi books” and “Kitchen: pots & pans”) you can create whatever you want to hold them, which is just the exciting part. It’s like unpacking all your worldly goods (with the wave of a wand, might I add) into several different houses.

“What would my stuff look like in a Tara-like Southern Mansion with brazilian pine floors, a baby-grand in the music room and a Mini in the drive?” (Well beyond the fact that it would look a lot like Holly’s house…)

Or, if you like, “What would my stuff look like in an eclectic urban bijou flat in the Northern Climes?” (…er, rather as it does now.)

Am I making sense? Am I just too excited for words? I mean, I have in fact, spent all last night and all of today, essentially, working. And I’ll spend all tomorrow working. And probably all Monday (except for a brief reprieve at Tai Chi) working. And yet, I’m having plenty of Day Off type fun. I mean, ykno, I’m a geek, but still.

Okay, I lied. I read fic until 4:30am, but I was in fact working until past my bedtime (at which point I still had energy, apparently – so much for my reputation of a 9pm bedtime…)

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