The Blogging Showdown


Okay, so this is what I’m talking about. Work!Blog vs. Personal!LJ.

The issue: Lent. Where and how to log the blog?

kaikouragirl and I have contracted to do a Lenten Discipline together (despite the fact that we live very far away from each other). We’re going to spend 30 minutes every day doing something creative, and thus, returning to our source, Creation. Spifferonie. No worries there. No, no, the question is: do I keep track of this on my work blog or my personal lj? Or both?

If both, both, identically, or both in kind of a different way? ::sigh:: I think I’m kind of leaning toward both, in a different way.

Thoughts? Comments?

Anybody want to join us? It beats trying to give up chocolate or caffiene, in a whole host of different ways.

And for anyone who is interested, my mentor’s Lenten Discipline is to keep a blog (he’s not a tech person) on Reinventing Christianity, and can be found here: He’s a pretty spiffy guy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who might be interested. (Shameless pimpage, I know, but still. Aren’t blogs all about that, anyway – opinions, creativity, and shameless pimpage of others?)

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