Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Right, so my Sabbath is Monday. (Also known as Day Off)

I thought, well, I could work on the new website for work. Which, while it is several aspects of fun, is also several aspects of frustration and in fact, is Work.

Instead, I had a season One Avatar Film Fest. I did laundry. I cuddled with my cat. I read the paper. I scrubbed & reorganized my bathroom to within an inch of its life. Ditto, the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. I did a crafty project: I made a new lampshade out of an old wire hanger and a bamboo mat you roll sushi on.

I didn’t do the dishes. (Ah, the fine line of what cleaning seems sabbath-resty, and what cleaning is a dreadful chore that I don’t like one bit.)

I didn’t get up early to go to Tai Chi.

But I did bring out my bamboo flute and figure out how to play one of the Avatar themes on it. (One has to prioritize.)

There are still a number of zones in my bijou flat that still require my attention, but it’s coming together, slowly. And I had an epiphany about my bedroom closet (which is tiny): tiered racks. Oh, the joy.

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