So. I think I broke my nose today. And, yea, it hurts.

And I was thinking, well, I could take my own advice. I could work on seperating out the pain from the suffering. But then I thought, but I’m having so much fun being grouchy, and isn’t it true that we should take small steps on this spiritual journey we’re all on?

So grouchy it is.

Hopefully, I won’t have two black eyes Sunday morning, because that would suck on so many levels.

First I slam a finger in a car door. Then I nearly cut the end of another finger off. Now I’m trying to bash my own nose in. It may be that I have it in for myself. Not entirely certian why that is. I could have sworn that I liked myself just fine. ::sighs:: But really, I’m not feeling up to too much introspection just now.

I’m feeling far too grumpy for introspection.

Perhaps I’ll go write Severus. He certianly understands grump like no one else. It could be his name. Severus Alexander Grumpypants Snape.

::takes time out just to laugh herself silly::

But on that note, I did actually spend several hours yesterday and in the days previous, working on a previously abandoned fic. A Marriage Law Challenge fic, if you will. It’s at 56 pages, and counting, though the end is in sight as it hasn’t previously been. That’s exciting. And I’m having a trip of a time writing it. Shame I already wrote the scene where Sev and Lucius are brawling in his private lab. ::sighs::

Well, you just can’t win them all. Even with a broken nose.

Feel free to throw chocolate covered fictives, or drabbles in sympathy. Yall know my favorite flavor: “Semi-dark Redeemed.”

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