Random A-List Actors, Lost in Buffalo

Hm. Your mild mannered priest has had an interesting encounter this evening, walking the two blocks to her car from the local coffee shop (and buffalo stitch n bitch meeting – that would be the Downtown Spot).

Was it the kind man named Muhammed who was in a wheel chair on Cheppewa, and barring the possibility of getting a cigarette, or even some spare change, started to flirt with her? (No, as it woldn’t be the frist time.)

Was it the nice couple who asked for directions on Franklin, with the well-groomed but sadly inebriated (or so he seemed – I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before) gentleman who persisted in disbelief that I didn’t know, or seem to care who he was? Yes, actually.

Our Fair City, the Queen City of Buffalo has tendered the notice of a few Hollywood actors. Isn’t that nice? I’m glad for Buffalo. The woman, an actress who I’m sure has been in several lovely dramas, but whose name sadly I cannot remember as she only said it once, was quite polite, well-mannered, and well-spoken. All was fine. I informed them that they were actually heading in exactly the wrong direction if they wanted to get to the Adam’s Mark hotel, and really, I have no idea where Hyatt’s is.

The gentleman… was a different story. As I mentioned, it’s possible he was drunk, or maybe he was just dumbfounded that I didn’t seem to care who he was. Honestly, it was a good thing he introduced himself no few than four times, or I wouldn’t have understood his name, for all the slurring of it. Not an ugly man, though neither incredibly handsome – David Beckham pulls off a completely bald head better, in my opinion – I didn’t recognize him, but even when I did, I have to admit, I didn’t care. (Which was, apparently, quite a shock to him.)

That I responded to each question (after the first time), “Don’t you recognize us? I’m Matt McConaughey!” with a slightly (okay, significantly) dismissive, “Hmm, that’s nice,” seemed to stymy him, but perhaps I’m putting words into his mouth.


It was interesting.

Regardless, I hope they find what they’re looking for.

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