The trials and tribulations of a single priest

Gandhi says, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

I’ve been meditating on that. It’s applicable on a lot of levels, I reckon.

::sigh:: But of course, the most recent level would be the dating scene: I’ve had my first official and obvious rejection (from a cute and interesting guy vaguely reminiscent of my favorite and current head muse, no less) on the basis of my profession and vocation. He posited that we would not get along, and his friends would refuse to speak to me. Clearly in this and any situation, he is in a better posiition to tell me what he wants and does not want, how he would react, how he would feel, etc.

But I can’t help but believe that I am not, in fact, your average priest and judging how you would interact with me on the basis of how you would interact with your mother’s aging priest, or the angry guy you saw on tv, or in fact, the nasty old pedophiles you hear about in the paper… It makes me sad.

I do not want to date the sort of people who want to date a priest.

The sort of people who do not want to date a priest are precisely who I want to date.

This is a conundrum, and the only current way out I see is to compromise my integrity and not state my profession, which I can’t currently see an ethical way around.

I wonder if emailing my old ethics professor might help? Frannie? Do you think I could ask Tim?

Or better yet – Martha?

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