“Historic Lust for Mock Unity”

Hey yall.

My rector, the Rev. R. Cameron Miller, has gone and done it again. He’s hit the nail on the head and if anyone is interested, please go read his blog. It may interest you to know that his latest entry is the column that got censored from our diocesan newspaper, and so the only place you’ll get to see it is the blog. If you have no idea what I’m talking about – ykno the bru-ha about the Episcopal Church, the gay bishop and all the angry African bishops in the Anglican Communion? The Immenent Schism? That’s what I’m talking about.

It starts thus:

When A Church’s Leadership Fails

After meeting for a week in New Orleans the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church chose a historic lust for mock unity and institutional order over the more primal values of the Gospel: radical love and hospitality. The bishops began with this woeful statement:


If you read his blog, please leave a comment and let him know. He’s not a techie and doesn’t understand lurkers.

Thanks for reading – you guys rock.

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