Terry Pratchett Podcast


My sister had mentioned that Terry Pratchett was going to be at the National Book Festival in DC this past weekend. At first it was yet another opportunity for me to be bummed out about not living in the Metro DC area, but I’m glad for other fans who could go. But then, then… My friend who is a librarian sent me the link for the podcast that the Library of Congress did right before he spoke that weekend! Yays!

Go here for the podcast.

Yay, Library of Congress! I bet Thomas Jefferson even in his wildest dreams (of woolly mammoths on the Pacific) never dreamed of podcasting. Then again, I bet he never dreamed of Discworld either, but that’s neither here nor there.

I heard him (Pratchett, not Jefferson) speak a few years ago in Alexandria, VA, and it seems that he is just as funny and humble as he was then.

(And yes, it is lunch time, thus you find me eating Ontological Dragon Stew and wondering if I’ll have any sinuses left.)

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