Feeling Normal Once More

It’s amazing what $6.99 can do for your life. Well, I don’t know what it can do for yours, but for mine, it purchaced a hefty bottle of cool cat spray stuff that has a lovely citrusy scent, and that, among other things, uses particular enzymes to totally negate many of the unpleasant odors assoicated with having, say, two new kittens in your home.

I went to my knitterly group this afternoon, and when I came back home my house smelled normal for the first time in weeks. I cannot describe the sense of calm and relaxation that this provoked in me. My home feels clean again. Oh, the joy. O, Wondrous Rapture!

And this morning I wrote another section on number 3 in the Spinner’s End series – vv angsty, but it’ll get better in the next section, which I also worked out this morning, though I didn’t write it up. It has a wonderful twist I’m quite proud of – it came right out of my OT classes with the beloved Dr. Judy Fentress-Williams. Who knew the Hebrew Scriptures could be so handy? (You know, besides the obvious uses…) I tell you, anytime you can put a magical twist on something that occurred 5000 years ago, you’re doing well – that’s my thought.

And this afternoon I made major headway in my most recent knitting project: My Gryffindor House Quidditch jumper. (I know, it should be Slytherin, but you see, I already HAD the yarn for the Gryffie one, remaining from the scarf I knit for Adam, but then couldn’t bear to have around and pulled out again. If anything, I’ll wear it in happy rememberance of my favorite dead Gryffindor.) Anyway, I’m very excited about this. I finished the front, and I’m almost done with the back. Then there are only the sleeves, the collar and stiching the puppy up left to do. Oh joy!

And the cats themselves are being charming. Zuko is no longer hogging the bed, but sleeping in his own, and the boys (Sev & Harry) are behaving themselves as much as their little kitteny hearts allow in the nursery (read: bathroom).

And I’m chugging right along on my sermon, drinking the loveliest decaf tea. It’s called Lemon Cream Pie, and it’s much better than it sounds. It’s got a Roobios base, which I don’t normally care for, but this version is just fabulous. The dearest, lovelist Logan gave it to me for my birthday, and I’m going to ask for a great big bag of it for Christmas.

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