Eulogy for an iPod

It is the final death knell of my faithful (er, occasionally functional) iPod, Pelagius. He was spiffy. He was black and red. He had Bono’s etched signature on his reverse. He occasionally worked, usually when I wanted him to. He did cart most of my music around in a somewhat predictiable manner. He outlasted his warranty, after a fashion – he was a warranty replacement himiself. And he is, at least at the moment, irreplaceable. (In that way where I cannot at the moment afford to replace him.)

He will be missed. For my two road trips in November, I will be resigned to the use of my cd player. Alas.

And yet, there is the Easter hope of Resurrection. It may be he finds a new home on eBay, where he may be recycled and used for parts. And I will experience the joy and freedom of an iPodless lifestyle, having to sing to myself and pay attention to other people when I walk to meetings at the Cathedral.

At least I still have iTunes. It is some measure of compensation.


On second thought, it was a right pain in the rear not to know if he’d work or not. The last 8 months haven’t been all that great, in respect to his iPoddiness. I mean, he’s taken up physical and emotional space in my life and I haven’t received much audio yumminess in return. So I say a blithe and sincere ‘thank you’ to all those lovely moments when you fucntioned properly, and now that you don’t and you are utterly unfixable, because you are, in fact, a modern gadget, it is time for you to move on to occupy someone else’s space. Thank you, and goodbye. Off to eBay with you. Where’s my digital camera?

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