Blogging at Convention

So. I am a negligent blogger at the best of times, and mostly for me it is about the fic. In fact you could say that I am here for the fic. You could say that, and you would not be wrong.

But as always, I am inspired by my friends. Really this is why I should always surround myself with friends- they are a constant source of inspiration and impetus. Also, of course, I should surround myself with only the best- one doesn’t wish to be inspired to do anything but the highest thought of one’s soul. (But I’m doing pretty well at that.)

And so, this intermittent blogger is blogging her experience at Convention, or so far as it is fit to print.

I do feel comforatable in saying that it is pretty cool this year, because I finally know a significant portion of my colleages, tho of course the delegation from the parish is always enough to provide the requisite amusement in a pinch.

And I am working on Shea’s Slytyerin House scarf. Just in case you wanted to know.

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