Hmmm… Politics. Church politics.

Huw is also blogging this, with perhaps more insight and eloquence than myself, but so it goes. Anyway. On to the interesting bits.

So, first came the Roll of Shame. All those parishes that haven’t gotten something in on time. Do we give them voice and vote? Just voice? Do we give V&V to just those who got their stuff in late?

Or shall we be Ones of Great Snark, and say “to hell with you.”…?

Well, we said to hell with some if you. It was interesting, but you wouldn’t believe how much time and energy went into that decision. The worst part was when the priests of those parishes (who it must be said, have V&V no matter what) had to get up and grovel, or refuse in front of the entire diocese to do so.

I like politics in theory, but really not in practice. Voting, yes. Legislation, no.

Which is why I amno longer the first alternate to General Convention. Because I have absolutely no interest in politics. :p. None. I was silly to have put my name in in the first place. All I can say is that I didn’t know myself. Now I know myself better.

And now our table argues about the count for the running book we’re keeping on how many times one of our number goes to the microphone. I think I am going to lose…

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