Have Parish, Will Travel

Hey, yall!

Yes, I’m starting a new position shortly – Vicar of Holy Apostles in the Town of Tonawanda, New York. :) I’m totally excited. It’s a brand new parish – starting in the building of a parish that recently left the diocese. We were apparently just slightly too liberal for them. Well, I wish them well. (No, seriously, I do.)

There is a new website – it’s nothing yet, but shall get more spiffier as the days march on. http://holyapostles.wordpress.com/ We have a domain reserved, but I haven’t migrated things over yet to holyapostlesmission.org, but that’s on the todo list.

Such a list, and yet, i haven’t offically started working there yet. Still, better to get these things done early, than shoot yourself in the foot when they’re not done as you arrive.

Anyway, I start February 1st and I’ll spend the week before moving into the Rectory. :) I’m tentatively planning a house blessing for Saturday the 7th, but I’ll keep you posted – and there will be an invite on Facebook.

And now, back to the job I presently have and need to finish.

Much love,

(Who honestly, is writing fic. Just not much.)

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