A Smidgeon of Not Much

This is just a little moment of reflection.  

This evening’s potluck/biblestudy was on Jesus’ temple temper tantrum, as found in the gospel of John (aka, John 2:13-22).  There were some different voices there tonight, which always makes for a different group dynamic. But as always, even when I have doubts mid-stream as to how well this particular bible study is going to turn out, by the end there’s always something.  Though, I suppose that’s how this sort of bible study goes: you warm up from beginning to end.

It’s going to be interesting, preaching on this gospel snippet. 

Hm.  And now the choice:  do I go read the next few chapters of the Bishop Spong book I’m working on (‘Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism’), do I work on my novel, or do I fritter away the rest of my evening poking about on the internet?

Eeenie, meanie, miney, mo…


And what did we eat tonight? High carb.  It’s a good thing no one was gluten free – they could have had the coffee, and the butter.

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