Sassy Singularity

Sassy Singularity - cover artNow Available on Kindle!

Sassy Singularity is an anthology of all new short stories about the strength of women, just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Sassy Singularity will feature stories by award-winning playwright Rachel Lynn Brody, award-winning short story writer Sandi Layne, plus long-time writers Anne Baker, Sarah C. Munsey, Teresa Watson, Rhiannan Robinson and me, Sare Liz Gordy.  The stories range from quirky to heartbreaking to romantic, and there’s more than a dash of sass!

Look for Sassy Singularity on sale exclusively via Amazon, for the Kindle, until mid-May, when it will be available more widely in a variety of digital e-book formats.

Don’t forget to look for HOT MESS: speculative fiction about climate change, an anthology edited by Sassy Singularity author, Rachel Lynn Brody, featuring the editor, Sare Liz Gordy, Eric Sipple, RJ Astruc & more!  HOT MESS is due to be released exclusively via Amazon mid-March of this year!

Contents of Sassy Singularity:

  • ‘Of Beer and Blogs’ by Anne Baker
  • ‘Sweetheart’ by Rachel Lynn Brody
  • ‘The Bureau of Misdirected Destiny’ by Sare Liz Gordy
  • ‘The M-Word’ by Sandi Layne
  • ‘Katie’s Curler’ by Sarah C. Munsey
  • ‘Dead Wrong’ by Rhiannan Robinson
  • ‘Epistle to St. Cupid’ by Teresa Watson

Run, don’t walk to Amazon and purchaseSassy Singularity today!


    • It’s a really great idea, but even little blurbs violates the agreement I made with the Amazon Kindle Select people. But you know, in just another month or so, my exclusivity agreement with them will be up and I’ll be able to do just that! Thanks for the suggestion!

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