Woot! Publishing!

And now, direct to you, my fabulously edited anthology Sassy Singularity, now available on Amazon’s Kindle!  Check it out!

Between now and Christmas 2012, I’ve got a rather rigorous and self-inflicted schedule of deadlines and e-book release dates.  Check it out:

  1. FEBRUARY 14: Sassy Singularity, an anthology I edited, which includes my short story The Bureau of Misdirected Destiny.
  2. MARCH 21: Hot Mess, an anthology Rachel Lynn Brody is editing, which includes my short story Traditionibus Ne Copulate. 
  3. APRIL 8: -untitled-, a collection of meditations for Easter, with Melissa Roberts. Nonfiction.
  4. JUNE 30: -hockey fantasy, working title-, my second novel which I like quite a lot. :)
  5. SEPTEMBER 31: -southwest, working title-, my first novel which is growing on me. :)
  6. OCTOBER 31: -untitled-, two anthologies that I will be editing, which will also include my short stories, one about the zombie apocalypse, and one about vampires. :)
  7. DECEMBER 25: -untitled-, my third novel, written with Liz Brauza. A murder mystery…

And 90 days after each release date, they’ll also be available for other ebook formats, through other retailers.  And is most of this stuff written already?  …well, some of it is.  Does that count?


  1. New Kindle Fire arrived today – this was my first purchase – maybe I’ll get to actually read it this week

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