It’s a Hot Mess over here…

Do I refer to my life? The craziness of getting married, creating your own job and moving out of a commune? Nope. (Though it certainly applies…)  I’m talking about the fabulous new anthology, HOT MESS: Speculative fiction about climate change.

For this anthology, the wonderful and talented Rachel Lynn Brody got a bunch of her favorite authors together to write some brilliant pieces of short fiction that range from Eric Sipple’s eerie ‘She Says Goodbye Tomorrow’ to the fabulously tongue in cheek ‘Haute Mess’ by the editor herself, to my own quirky little tale, ‘Traditionibus Ne Copulate’. As an author I came to the group late in the game – over lunch at her parent’s kitchen table when she was home visiting, Rachel asked if I had any tidbit of interesting fiction that fit the bill.

“I have a weird little post-apocoalyptic story about lab mice that have taken over the church once all the humans are dead, and they host monastic gas stations in an age of alternative-fuel. Does that count? It’s kind of up-beat and chirpy, all things considered. I wrote it at Sermon Prep Group one day last year. My colleagues were all very amused, and one of them named it for me: Traditionibus Ne Copulate. It means Don’t Fuck With Tradition.”  Rachel read it, loved it (of course) and included it – why? Because she is a wonderful person.

Now, do I have a penchant for rescuing lab mice or a pro-dolphin socialist state? No, not really. Do I have a thing about the Church needing to change or die (or if you will, change or get the hell out of the way)? Yes, yes I do. But that’s a platform I’ll probably never get off of. (See latest website: No-Exceptions.Org)

I think my favorite of the group is actually the shortest – Rachel’s ‘Haute Mess’. This has obviously come from the mind of the woman who writes advertising copy at [a very large & wealthy department store chain] in order to pay her rent. It’s just so gorgeous, so very tongue in cheek, and so oddly upbeat for being a harsh commentary not only of climate change, but also of consumerism run rampant. I think that’s why I love it so much.

So –  yeah. This is a great book. And you can find it on Amazon for your kindle and kindle aps, or in paperback, and you can find it on Barnes & Noble for your nook and nook aps. Why are you waiting!

In case you’re curious, each of the authors are donating a portion of their royalties to the charity of their choice – me, I’ve chosen Episcopal Relief and Development. Why? Because they’re full of awesomeness. You could donate to them as well. You know, right after you buy a copy of HOT MESS. :)

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