Free for a day!

My anthology, Sassy Singularity is free-for-a-day today! You can go pick it up on Amazon, right now… free! Sassy Singularity - cover art

Free things are exciting. You know it’s true.

So if you were curious but hesitant before, now is your time, my friends!

Now, down to brass tacks. What will you find inside?  Okay:

  • The Bureau of Misdirected Destiny is a story about the weird, secret and mystical government department in Washington, D.C., located at the back of a restaurant. They know when you’re coming, and they know what you need. You may not like it, but they’re there to help. Author: Sare Liz Gordy.
  • Sweetheart is a story about a… um… you know… Service Bot. What service does she render? The oldest one. That is, until she’s gets an unauthorized upgrade and walks out. Author: Rachel Lynn Brody.
  • Epistle to St. Cupid is a story about an angry, eloquent young woman returning a few tokens from a former lover, as well as giving a little unsolicited advice. Author: Teresa Watson.
  • Of Beer and Blogs is a story about a love-struck bartender. Will he get up the gumption to approach the strong, sassy woman he sees every week? Author: Anne Baker.
  • The M-Word is a story about a woman without a biological clock. Too bad the men she dates don’t realize it… Author: Sandi Layne.
  • Dead Wrong is a story about a woman who learns to stand up for herself and others, no matter what. Author: Rhiannon Robinson.
  • Katie’s Curler is a story about a diminutive Alaskan woman who, by dint of sheer presence alone, was able to change a life. Author: Sarah C. Munsey

So go do it and tell your friends! Download Sassy Singularity for free today! And when you find that you like our quirky little stories, please feel free to check out the other things we’ve written and contributed to…

Sare Liz Gordy (Amazon Author Page) – I’ve also got a fabulous short story called Traditionibus Ne Copulate in the anthology called HOT MESS: Speculative fiction about climate change.

Rachel Lynn Brody (Amazon Author Page) – She’s got two great short stories, Haute Mess and Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. in the anthology she edited, HOT MESS: Speculative fiction about climate change. She also has Restaurants Are Rated Out Of Four Stars (a foodie romance), and POST: A Play In One Act.

Sandi Layne (Amazon Author Page) – She’s got a great romance called Making a Diamond. And several others! There’s Silent Music, Captive Irish Moon, An Unexpected Woman, Summer’s Music and  Garrison’s Girl.

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