Life Coaching

Joy is our birthright.

If you or I aren’t dwelling in a place where Joy is constantly accessible to us, we’re missing out on something delicious. Living peaceful lives, experiencing joy as often as we like, and becoming loving people is the goal, no matter what sort of situation we find ourselves in – the tricky ones, the hard ones, in the midst of crisis.

In the words of one of my teachers, Bob Perelli, it’s easy to be calm, cool and collected when people are sending you flowers, giving you chocolate and writing you checks. The level of our emotional maturity isn’t measured when things are going so easily. We know we are really making good progress when we can remain calm and peaceful when people are snarking at us, when they’re pushing our buttons and when things don’t seem to be going our way.

And when we start to change this, when we start to increase our emotional maturity… then some pretty remarkable and miraculous things start happening. Quite naturally, more good things start entering our view screen and the goals we made for ourselves that seemed so out of reach become shockingly close to us.

This is hard work, and it is useful to have help – that’s why there are life coaches – or if you prefer, Spiritual Directors. Same thing. If you want this help, email me.

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