Italian Open-Faced Scrambled Bagel

Lunch. Ung. Sometimes it’s so good, I amaze myself.  Here’s how this one turned out:

A diced slice of onion & one sliced garlic clove into the pan with a dab of Earth Balance. Pour in one egg, beaten into submission and topped with a generous helping of milk, salt and pepper. (Or whatever else you can find in your church kitchen.) Scramble.

Meanwhile, toast up two halves of your favorite bagel, and put a bit of that Earth Balance on each open face before you hit ‘toast’! When they come out, sprinkle them in nutritional yeast and Italian seasonings. Then sprinkle them in shredded mozzarella.

Moving back to the eggs, grab whatever vegetable is handy (in said church fridge – today it was celery) dice it and add some to the eggs. Keep some back for toppings.

When all is ready to join forces, pile egg concoction on top of two open face halves, top with more mozzarella and remaining Diced Random-Vegetable.

Eat. Savor. Moan in happiness. Be grateful for a sense of imagination and a church kitchen. And if you have a cell phone… take a picture of the gorgeous White-Green happiness that is on your plate. (But can you make the Gooseberry work well enough to actually post it on your blog? This part remains to be seen. Perhaps in a future edit.

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