The Clarity of Hope

What does desire have to do with faith?

When we feel a strong need, there is desperation in that need. Even if we’re not used to putting it quite that way, it doesn’t take a whole lot of introspection to identify it. God doesn’t dwell in desperation. Faith is where God is found – faith, hope, love, joy, peace, bliss, light, life… Yes this is the stomping ground of God. This is, in fact, That Which Is God.

When we feel desire – and here I take the stance that we can feel desire apart from need – there is no desperation, there is no fear, there is no sense of lack or incompleteness. There is a freedom and openness in desire – the exact opposite of desperation. When we feel desire, this open, free sensation makes faith easy. And faith isn’t about buying into a belief system, a set of historical events that may or may not have occurred. Faith is about placing your heart inside of this Hope-Love-Joy-Peace-Bliss-Life-Light thing that is God. Faith is about saying ‘that’s what I want, that’s how I want to live, that’s what I’m going to do, that’s how I’m going to be’.

When we feel desire it is easier to sense the abundance around us and we can very easily be in tune with the stomping ground of God – we can be faith-y, placing our hearts inside of hope, love, joy, peace, bliss, light and life.

When we have faith, we can know that our desires are possible. It is God’s happy joy to answer our prayers, but when we are trembling in fear or anger then we’ve already separated ourselves from God… and it’s that separation which needs to be addressed before any other prayers can be heard. God is, loves, and wants faith, hope, joy, love, peace, bliss, light and life for all of us, and God wants it RIGHT NOW.

So… Get in the groove. Practice giving up the desperate sense of need (which is a spiritual practice all on it’s own, popular in every major religion, under different titles), and embrace Holy Desire – where we can have the clarity of hope and the fullness of faith. Also, Joy. Lots and lots of joy. (All the joy! All of it!)

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