Daily Inspiration

I get daily inspiration from a variety of different sources, some of them ancient turns of phrase, some of them new reflections on the same wisdom we all tap into. I have mantras that I write for myself, or occasionally get from somewhere else. I have  Morning Prayer which incorporates some of those ancient turns of phrase – some of them only a thousand years old, and some of them more like three thousand years old. I move and twist my body while I do yoga and that seems to move and twist my mind and my spirit and delicious ways. And I have things emailed to me every morning that are inspirational.


Funny you should ask. It’s nice at any point in my life, and right now it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a stressful pot of crabs over here – moving out of a commune, getting married, the job I’ve created for myself over the past 3 years finally materializing, every other vocational thing taking off and taking time, and the necessary balance… Let’s just say I go to bed grateful that I can rest and I wake up grumpy, despite saying Compline or Night Prayer with my beloved.  My daily inspiration is the way I transform GrumpMuffin into Grateful, Smiling Sarah.

And so I share with you here two pieces of that daily inspiration. The first one in the picture above comes from the magazine Real Simple who, despite its grammatically sketchy title, provides a lovely ‘Daily Thought’. I subscribed to their magazine for a few years, but grew beyond it. I have yet to grow beyond the Daily Thought, and I deeply appreciate it. “If you can dream it, you can make it so.” – Belva Davis.

The second comes from the mac widget produced by The Secret. Today’s ‘Daily Teaching’ is a quote from Marcel Proust. “We don’t receive wisdom. We must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

I hope you all have a very lovely day.

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