What *would* he blog?

Credit: Brant Ward
Credit: Brant Ward

Occasionally, I have the attention span of a newt. It usually means that there’s something being shaken loose in my life, but that’s another train of thought that’s leaving on platform 12. You’re on platform 8. And over here on platform 8, we’re trying to gather our thoughts, and using all the wrong materials. We’re using colanders and sieves, ricers and tea baskets and our thoughts (we, our, us, you know, the Royal we) are tiny unconnected things like sand and rice and quinoa. As such they scatter when  you want them to stick and stick when you want them to scatter.

All of this boils down to wanting to blog but not wanting to blog on the backlog of things I’ve got to blog on. And so I crowd sourced, fishing for a better topic, but generally avoiding real issue. @girl_onthego was very helpful, throwing out ideas, up to and including ‘blog about the singularity’, all of which I responded with a lackluster meh.

And then that horrible idea popped into my head. What would Jesus Blog? Would he be blogging about the singularity, or what’s wrong with The System (pick a system, any system), or what’s the right course in the he-said-she-said debate of the day, or about the economy or the most recent in a long line of fiscal crises, or the most recent in a long line of violent threats/global atrocities, or…

Credits:  Cat Meme Headquarters
Credits: Cat Meme Headquarters

Perhaps it’s just the place I’m in right now, but I wonder if Jesus wouldn’t be blogging, perhaps on how viewing cute cat videos on YouTube isn’t a waste of time if it increases your capacity for joy. How nothing is a waste of time if it helps you realize why loving your neighbor is necessary. How Facebook is a good tool for forgiveness (any way you look at it), and forgiveness is a lesson we will all learn sooner or later.

And of course we could debate until the cows come home (and a good deal later) what Jesus would say or do or blog, but all the while we debate… We miss the point. I say, go. Emulate Jesus the best way you know how, the most you possibly can, everywhere you can, for as long at a stretch as you can, and then lather, rinse, repeat. So for me, that means that just now I’m going to go pray. And then? Perhaps I’ll tell stories.

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