YouTube? Really? Really.

And then I rebooted my YouTube channel. It’s been thirteen years. I thought it was time.

Um, why?

Well, several reasons. First, once I’m past all the learning curves, I imagine this will actually be quite fun.

Second, it’s going to marry the things I love most in this world – spirituality and writing (or, at least talking about characters, which is just as fun for me) – with a great need of the world (not that the world absolutely needs me to talk about my characters, but definitely the world could use the deepening of our collective spirituality).

Third, there is the distinct possibility that if this all works then I’ll either have enough money to buy a coffee on a regular basis, or if it works really well, enough money to pay off my student loans.

Fourth, if I can actually manage to build a subscriber base, that would make getting Loki of Midgard all that easier to publish.

Where’s the bad, I ask you?

(This is almost as silly as asking, ‘What could go wrong?’ Or even, ‘How bad could it be?’)

All the things that could go wrong

I could let my ego lead the charge. If the channel enjoys great success, I could imagine it’s because I’m such a wonderful person. If the channel enjoys nothing like success, I could imagine it’s because I’m such a terrible person. Happily my husband is supporting me, so letting my ego dictate my understanding of reality is extremely unlikely.

This might have been a great idea in my head, but not so great in practice. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. For example, I recently made a moss bath mat (it’s a thing) which I was so proud of and then I broke out in hives and realized I was allergic to the moss. Happily my throat didn’t close before I threw the entire project away, laughing. Because sometimes my ideas work out a lot better in my mind than in reality.

And then, as Miss Jane Marple might remind me, there is the element of X. The unknown. I don’t so much worry about internet trolls anymore, and people being negative are always a possibility no matter what I do or where I go. They’re also great fodder for forgiveness. :)

So, yeah. Check it out.

The first video is a ‘hey, I’m rebooting my YouTube channel, and this is the upcoming content, yo.’ You can find it here: Why, hello there! I’m always inviting comments on the videos requesting future ideas for content and spoilers. Because yes. There will be spoilers.

The second video is a guided meditation that readers of Loki of Midgard will recognize as the one Loki leads Jane through just before she rides the rainbow rollercoaster to Asgard for the first time. It’s the White Light Meditation. (Several readers have been asking for something like this for a while, so here you go!) You can find it here: White Light Guided Meditation.

And of course if this is something that works for you, please do subscribe and like the videos. And if it doesn’t work for you, I hope you find what does. :)

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  1. Hi Sare! I tried leaving a comment on your YouTube video but for whatever reason it won’t work. So I’ll try it here. I always love hearing from you and whatever you want to talk about. I’m partial to hearing about your writing, probably because that was my first connection to you, but the spiritual stuff is good too. I’m not crazy about organized religion of any flavor but am interested in spirituality. The guided meditations are also of interest and what would make it perfect would be having it read by the actor connected with your main character. Any chance of that happening? I didn’t think so, but it never hurts to ask! There is a voice actor who does a very good impression of TH and has done some guided meditations using his voice. Maybe he’d be interested in recording your meditation. You can find him by googling TH voice impersonator. I think he’s Australian. I look forward to hearing more from you and reading more of The Meddler! Lin S. (kibblemom on YouTube)

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